Off Grid Tent Style Living

Off grid tent style living might become a necessity once the infrastructure starts to fail. Places like Venezuela are already experiencing these types of situations. There are also some places in the United States that have tent cities going up! Understanding how off grid tent style living could work for you and your family before… Read more »
Canning tomatoes - doing it properly makes all the difference to the end product

Canning Tomatoes For Fresh Taste All Winter

Canning Tomatoes – reprinted from: Preserving Method: Water Bath Canning Makes about 2-3/4 lbs tomatoes for each quart jar Crushed tomatoes resemble whole or halved tomatoes in flavor, but since they are crushed they’re ideal for sauce, soup and stew recipes.   Ball Jar Citric Acid, 7.5-Ounce (2-Pack)Get it HereCanner SetGet it HereWide Mouth… Read more »