off grid tent style living

Off grid tent style living might become a necessity once the infrastructure starts to fail. Places like Venezuela are already experiencing these types of situations.

There are also some places in the United States that have tent cities going up!

Understanding how off grid tent style living could work for you and your family before disaster strikes puts you in control.

Most camping tents these days are made of nylon or polyester. However, canvas tents have always been highly valued for their durability and affordability.

Off Grid Tent Style Living Structures

Canvas is made of cotton today, though through much of its history hemp was used. Canvas has been utilized as a durable outdoor material for hundreds of years. Besides being used to make tents, canvas is used for sails and other outdoor equipment. When wet, canvas swells and becomes exceptionally waterproof. It is able to withstand conditions that other materials would not tolerate, making it ideal for long-term use.

Canvas tents are not often used for the casual camper. Nylon and polyester tents are much lighter and easier to set up and take down. Canvas tents are used for long-term or semi-permanent encampments. When a camp is going to be stationary for a long period of time, the weight of canvas becomes less of a drawback.

The fibers of canvas tents are tightly woven, making it the perfect shade from harmful sun rays and high temperatures. Canvas tents also protect inhabitants from strong winds and other inclement weather. The durability of the material means that it won’t suffer from rips and tears as easily as other fabrics.

Long Term or Lifestyle

One of the most popular uses of canvas tents today is in large, long-term camps. Summer camps, retreats and other outdoor events use canvas tents to house participants. Canvas tents are generally much less expensive to build than traditional buildings, and they can be moved to new locations if necessary.

Hunters and fishers also enjoy the great qualities of canvas tents when enjoying their sports away from home. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on a wood-walled cabin, a semi-permanent canvas tent can be erected for a very small cost. Canvas tents can be constructed in a short amount of time and aren’t subject to building codes.

Military installations also make good use of canvas tents. Again, the affordability, durability and transportability of canvas tents make them an attractive option for this environment. In fact, military groups all over the world have used canvas tents to temporarily house their troops.

off grid tent style living


Environmentalists and homesteaders also know the best qualities of canvas tents. When settling on undeveloped land, many modern settlers choose to live in canvas tents. For some, this is a temporary arrangement while they construct a more permanent abode. For others, a canvas tent is a long-term living arrangement complete with electricity and running water.

Due to the durability of canvas tents, they can be modified for use as vacation homes and used comfortably for many years. Some luxury canvas tents include bathrooms, wooden floors and formal windows in addition to electricity and running water. These luxury tents are not meant to be taken down and moved often like camping tents. However, if the need arises to move a luxury canvas tent, it can be done with ease.

Although not many of us would be happy to live in a permanent canvas tent home, no matter how well equipped, they are comfortable and fun to stay in temporarily. Canvas tents don’t have the flimsy feel that many lightweight tents tend to have. They can provide four-season comfort without the expense of a permanent building. The affordability and ease of setup mean that you can get your canvas tent up quickly and get right to enjoying your favorite outdoor activities.

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